A Churchville farm family session


February 2, 2023

Holding hands.

Walking together.

A sweet embrace.

Making memories.

These are all actions that Kylie, Justin and Finley missed dearly. Kylie recently came home from a six month deployment overseas. When she contacted me about a family session I knew how special it would be.

And it surely was.

We made our way over to the most perfect field. Okay perfect from my perspective. The sun setting at just the perfect angle, nothing weird in the background, no weird shadows. It was a dream for me!

To appease Finley, he was able to bring a few cookies and snacks for during the session. He was adorable running around with his cookie tin. Then him and Justin got to have some play time, while I stole Kylie for a few photos of her own. Every momma needs some photos by herself, especially when she is that stunning!

When we got to the field, the neighboring cows were off in the distance. As the session went on, the cows made their way over to the fence closest to us. So of course we had to end the session saying hi to the cows! Finley was so interested and wanted to pet them. Justin even tried, but failed, to feed one. That was definitely a lesson of “even though the session is over, keep your camera out” because there are some great photos of the three of them with the cows. Some of theirs, and my, favorites!

Kylie, thank you for trusting me to photograph you during such a special time. I loved every part of the session and feel so blessed to know your images are now hanging in your home. Justin, I know photos aren’t your thing at all, so thank you for behaving and getting some good photos. I know Kylie appreciates it! And Finley, it was so great to finally meet you and to get to play with you! I hope you had fun running around and getting to see the cows! And I absolutely loved getting to use your friend’s property, it was such a treat!

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