A weekend in the sunflowers


October 19, 2022

As summer started winding down, I felt this itch to photograph in the sunflower fields that started popping up around Maryland. Like it was meant to be, around this same time, I came across Red Power Valley Farm in Westminster. They were hosting their BYOC (bring your own camera, so cute right?!) Sunflower event. BYOC events are hosted at various times throughout the year to coincide with certain crops, like lavender and crimson clover. So, you may catch me back there at some point soon!

The farm itself is so beautiful! As you make your way down the long gravel road, you come around a turn and the sunflowers greet you in the distance. The family was beyond welcoming of everyone who came for photos. The kids even made lemonade and snacks for the guests!

I had three amazing couples join me for a session in the sunflowers and every session was so special!

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Lia and Joe were so fun to work with. They just couldn’t stop laughing the entire time, which made for some adorable photos! It took Joe a little warming up, but once we got going he did great! Lia was a natural from the start and her laugh is so contagious! I’m sure the neighbors could hear her laughing miles away. I met Lia through powerlifting so it was great to see her dolled up and be able to photograph her outside the gym.

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Kate and Johnny made the trip out from Baltimore with their dog Jack. Kate asked about bringing their dog and it was an immediate “absolutely!”, because I’m a firm believer that dogs are your children too. Kate is one of my close friends so it was such a treat to photograph her and Johnny! You can just tell how much they love each other and enjoy each other’s company.

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Jamie, David, and daughter Jordan joined me for a sunset session in the fields. This session was a prime example of going with the flow when it comes to sessions with young ones. When it comes to sessions with kids aged one to six, we have to take their lead and follow their mood in order to make sure they are at their happiest! So after we got a few of everyone looking at the camera, Jordan explored the fields and the tractor, with Jamie and David close by.

I was not complaining one bit about spending my weekend in the sunflower fields! I cannot thank Red Power Valley Farm enough for their hospitality! I would recommend anyone to take advantage of the BYOC events and I will definitely be returning!

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