Family Friendly Indoor Activities


April 15, 2022

In last week’s blog post I discussed ways you can help boost your mood when the weather isn’t nice and sunny. Check it out here. 

Spring here in Maryland means a lot of rainy days, so indoor activities it is. I think a lot of our instinct is to just curl up on the couch, turn on something to binge watch, and call it a day. 

And hey, sometimes we need a couple hours or even a day like that, because…life, right? 

But this doesn’t have to be the only thing you do when it isn’t warm and sunshiny outside (did I just make up a word?). Of course as I’m posting this it is beautiful outside, but I know there is more rain on the way. These are also great for when it is 5 degrees outside! 

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Here are some family friendly activities you can do inside: 

  • Do a puzzle – the bigger the better. Call me crazy, but I love thousand piece puzzles. 

  • Bake something together – decorate cupcakes or cookies, try a new banana bread recipe, make some homemade bread. 

  • Cook a meal together – Pick a new recipe for dinner and have everyone help out

  • Board games! – I have so many memories as a child playing games with my mom and sisters. Monopoly was my favorite. 

  • Have a fashion show – let your kids raid your closets and show off their outfits

  • Have a tea party – what kid doesn’t want to feel like British royalty for a day?

  • Make a pillow fort – Throw on a movie, pop some popcorn and enjoy!

  • Video games – but make it fun and interesting. Have a Wii Bowling tournament or Mario Kart face off. 

  • Playdoh! – umm because who doesn’t love Playdoh?

  • Build something with all those Legos you keep stepping on

  • Arts and crafts – this could be a whole Pinterest board of what you can do. Finger painting, holiday themed, coloring, just to name a few. 

  • Read Although this will probably make you really want to take a nap. Cuddle up with a good book, either on your own or with the kids

  • Clean! – definitely not the most glamorous thing to do but you’ll surely feel better once you do it. So pick a room, put on some music, and channel your inner Marie Kondo. Side note: I’m currently watching Get Organized with The Home Edit on Netflix and now I want to organize my entire house.

I hope you can have some fun despite the weather. Let me know what you and your family get into on our next rainy day!

Until next time, xoxo Nicole

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