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"Nicole's talent behind the lens is matched only by her incredible flexibility and genuine enthusiasm. Amidst our whirlwind of last-minute changes and unpredictable schedules, she effortlessly adapted, ensuring every moment was beautifully captured. Her ability to connect not just with us, but also with our loved ones, created a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, making our day even more special. Nicole isn't just a photographer; she's a magician who turns fleeting moments into timeless memories"

magician who turns fleeting moments

magician who turns fleeting moments into                         


timeless memories


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Most of us aren't naturally comfortable in front of a camera, and that's okay! With me as your photographer, you will feel at ease as you are guided through the entire process. From help with choosing a location and outfits, to being guided on what to do with your hands. You will finish with sore cheeks, knowing your photos fit who you are. 

As someone who's love language is quality time, I believe every moment you get to spend together is so precious. You deserve to have images to remember every beautifully imperfect stage of your relationship. 

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Chloe & Sean

Her friendly and approachable demeanor put us, our families, and guests at ease, which allowed her to capture genuine and heartfelt moments throughout the day.

Nicole's attention to detail and commitment to capturing the essence of our love story were evident.


- Joey & Anastasia

friendly, easy to work with, and supportive


At Nicole Simensky Photography, we offer specialized photography services that tell every part of your love story. Whether you're celebrating your marriage, your 20th anniversary, or your early years of dating. Let's pop the champagne and celebrate!

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love story

Your wedding day will be a day you remember forever. With me by your side, you'll feel at ease. Imagine... years from now, your heart bursting with joy as you look back on the day you said "I do".


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From the proposal to 30 years of blissful marriage, every year of your marriage is beautiful in it's own crazy, imperfect way. At NSP, these fleeting moments are cherished just as much as the day you said your vows. Feel at ease and able to be yourselves. 

Engagements & Anniversaries

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