Why you should print your photos


January 3, 2024

I’m a huge believer in printing your photos. But why? Let me tell you a story

My grandpa, “Pap-pap” to us, passed away unexpectedly in 2014. In the days that followed my family spent a lot of time together with my grandma and at their house. I specifically remember sitting in my grandparents’ living room for hours going through photos. Some from when I was a baby, but so many from even before my parents were born. Photos of my grandparents as teenagers. My grandpa’s military photos. Their wedding photos.

As tough a time that was (and I’m tearing up writing this), when I look back on the moment I only remember my family coming together. Sitting around laughing, crying, passing down memories. Most importantly, the comfort it brought us.

I share this story because I think it is so important. The perfect reminder as to why you should print your photos. Digital photos are great but there’s nothing like holding a physical print in your hands.

Imagine it is fifteen years from now, you’re sitting in your living room showing your own kids photos from your childhood. The stories that will be shared. The laughs from the style that was the early 2000’s. Silly photos from when you and your now husband first met. The love shared from your wedding photos. Pictures of your kids the day they were born. It’s honestly priceless.

So whether you invest in heirloom quality, archival prints or not, I implore you to print your photos.

A few options I personally suggest are:


They are an easy and affordable way to print your family’s memories into photo books. You can easily add images and design your books right from your phone. Learn more about Chatbooks.

Nations Photo Lab

Print high-quality photos easily. I also love Nations Photo Lab because they are local to me so shipping is super quick! Learn more about Nations Photo Lab.

Your professional photographer

If your photographer offers print options take advantage of it! It takes the effort off of you with ordering. Plus photographers have access to exclusive print labs that offer heirloom quality, archival prints.

Interested in learning more about ordering prints through my shop? Contact me, I’d be thrilled to create your custom art work!

Nicole Simensky Photography is a wedding photographer for the kind hearted, sophisticated couple with an edge. Here to put you at ease, have you laughing, and capture timeless photos for you to enjoy for a lifetime. Nicole Simensky Photography serves Towson, Baltimore, Maryland and beyond.

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