Ways to spend more time with your spouse on the wedding day

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January 17, 2023

I see so often that couples feel like they barely got to see each other on their wedding day. This makes me so sad! Why? Because this is your day to celebrate you and your relationship. How do you do that without seeing each other?!

With my love language being quality time, this is the same mindset I bring to photographing weddings. I want you to feel like you were able to spend time with and make memories with everyone that you love, especially your new husband! That may mean breaking some traditions but I would say it’s worth it.

Here are a few ways you can spend more time with your spouse on your wedding day.

1. Have breakfast together before getting ready. This can mean going out for coffee or breakfast but it doesn’t have to. Wake up and make breakfast together at home.

2. Get ready together. I know I know, this is totally against tradition. But rather than being in separate hotel rooms or across town getting ready, why not share in that experience together? You can help him put on his cuff links. He can help you with your dress. If you still want that first look magic, you don’t have to get fully dressed together. Be in the same room for your hair and makeup, while he gets ready. Then send him away to get dressed!

3. Do a first look. A first look allows you more time before the ceremony for photos and it is another special moment you’ll get to share together. Don’t rush through it, truly take it in, and feel all of the emotions. Which leads me to my next point…

4. Share a private moment together. You can exchange gifts or private vows during this time. Or simply hangout! Bring some snacks and drinks and just have ten or fifteen minutes together before it is time to walk down the aisle.

5. Plan enough time after the ceremony for portraits and a few minutes together. Rather than rushing through family portraits to get to the reception on time, build enough time in your timeline for family portraits and time for just the two of you. That could mean a few extra moments for portraits at a special location or simply enjoying that yummy cocktail hour food together.

6. Never leave each other’s side during the reception. This one may depend on who you are as a couple, but I think it is great advice! During the reception do everything together from grabbing drinks, eating cake, dancing, and talking to your guests.

7. Do a private last dance. This is great if you are doing an exit. While your guests are getting set for your exit, share a private last dance together.

8. Have a late night hangout! After the reception ends, plan something special for the two of you before going to bed. It could be something as simple as sharing your favorite parts about the day over glasses of champagne (or whiskey!). Or have a little dance party in your hotel room in your matching PJs. Continue celebrating your future together!

Your wedding day is about you and your spouse so you deserve to spend time together. That may mean going against a few traditions, but at the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you are allowed to do it however you want to!

If you are a couple reading this, I’d love to learn more about your wedding day! Contact me today to book your 2024 or 2025 wedding!

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