Why a First Look is Basically the Best Thing for Your Wedding

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March 26, 2024

So, you’re planning the big day, and you’ve heard about this “first look” thing. And guess what? It’s not just a trend ā€“ it’s a game-changer. Here’s the lowdown on why having a first look on your wedding day is a seriously awesome idea. (#5 is huge!!)

1. Get Up Close and Personal:

The first look is like a backstage pass to your wedding. It’s a chance for just you two to soak in the moment before the craziness begins, away from prying eyes. Super intimate, super sweet. Just the two of you.

2. Capture the Real Deal:

Your partner’s face when they see you all dolled up? Priceless. The first look captures those raw, unfiltered emotions ā€“ the joy, the surprise, and the “Wow, I’m marrying this amazing person” look.

3. Say Cheese (Naturally):

Posed photos are great, but candid shots? Even better. A first look lets me capture your genuine, unscripted moments that tell the real story of your love. So let out the tears and the laughter, I’ll be there to capture it, with tissues at the ready.

4. Chill Out Before Showtime:

Wedding day jitters are totally normal. A first look helps ease those nerves. You get to share a quiet moment, exchange some sweet words, and remember why you’re doing this whole “forever” thing.

5. Party Time Saver:

Want more time to party with your guests? A first look can help streamline things. Get some of those obligatory photos out of the way early, and you’ll have more time to sip champagne and enjoy the celebration.

6. Keep the Mystery Alive:

Worried a first look will steal the thunder from that epic aisle moment? Fear not! The excitement leading up to saying “I do” stays intact. The walk down the aisle is a whole different kind of magic.

7. Find Your Zen Moment:

Wedding days are chaotic. A first look gives you a little bubble of peace. Share your thoughts, swap gifts, or just revel in the fact that you’re about to spend forever with your favorite person.

In a nutshell, the first look isn’t just a photo op or a ‘trendy thing’ ā€“ it’s a chance to add some serious heart and soul to your wedding day. So, embrace the magic, create those memories, and make your own rules for a day that’s as uniquely awesome as your love story.

If you are a couple reading this, Iā€™d love to chat about your wedding day! Please feel free to reach out. Now booking for 2024 and 2025.

Nicole Simensky Photography is a wedding photographer for the joy filled, sophisticated couple with an edge. Here to put you at ease, have you laughing, and capture timeless photos for you to enjoy for a lifetime. Nicole Simensky Photography photographs weddings in Baltimore, Maryland, and the DMV.

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