You’ve probably been thinking about this day since you were a little girl, from your dress to the flowers to the overall feel of the day.

Your wedding day should be a day you can enjoy, not one where you’re frazzled and your ‘zilla’ comes out. With me by your side on your wedding day you will have time to truly take in and enjoy every part of the day, no matter how small. 

Imagine ten years from now, showing your children your wedding album. You are filled with the same love and joy you felt on the day you were married. 

"What I enjoyed most about my photography session with Nicole was her positive vibes. She really made me feel confident in my poses even if I was a little unsure of myself."

made me feel


As you start wedding planning, you'll want to have a clear vision for the day. You've been scrolling through social media and wedding sites gathering up all of the ideas. You may even be balancing input from a number of family members or friends along with your own preferences. My hope is that you've felt a connection here and we can take the next steps towards working together. 

The Process

If you feel a connection and are interested in a personalized experience, let's start the process by sending a message through the contact form.


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Because having a personal connection with your photographer is so valuable, once you reach out, we'll set-up a call for us to connect one-on-one. Tell me all the things! About you and your fiance as well as your vision for your wedding day. I welcome anyone to join this call, including your fiance, parents, or wedding planner. This is a great time to discuss any questions you may have

We connect

Once you've chosen to work together, you are now part of the NSP family! I will be here as a guide for you throughout the entire process. I am happy to provide recommendations and help where I can to help create your perfect day.

Your journey begins

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Wedding planning is no simple task and you are feeling overwhelmed with all the things. But you’re in luck! 
My gift to you is a wedding planning timeline. Use this timeline to make sure you don’t miss anything from when you just start planning to the day before the big day.




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Once booked, we will work together to create a custom timeline to fit what is important to you. 

For investment and availability, please send me a message through the contact form. Full wedding day coverage from $4,200.


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I will always communicate with you regarding your photography planning, ideas, and photo lists before, and during your wedding. After your wedding, I will work diligently to deliver your images as quickly as possible, and stay in communication regarding your precious memories. I will help make this an easy process and help guide you. I will be a voice for you on your wedding day and work to make it the most memorable experience for you



to you

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