My top at home must haves


February 21, 2023

Somehow I’ve reached the age where home things get me excited, I know I’m old and lame. But truthfully they can make your life easier or more organized, so why wouldn’t I get excited?!

I wanted to share with you my top fourteen (I tried to pick ten but couldn’t) home must-haves. The links are next to each item to make it easier for you to find. You may see that I do a lot of shopping on Amazon.


These scented wax warmers make any space feel so cozy. I love not having to worry about my animals knocking a candle over and still having nice scents filling my home.

Grab yours

Standing Desk

I love how minimal this desk is. I probably don’t stand as much as I thought I would when I bought this, but I love having the option if I want it! Flexispot also has some great accessories to help with power and cable management.

Get yours on Amazon

Peg Board

I love a good trip to Ikea and this pegboard organizer is amazing! I use one for my tools in my basement, but you could use it in your office or craft room.

Need this!

Brother P Touch Labeler

My type A personality has labeled my equipment but you can also use this for everyday things in your home!

I need this

Time Timer

I have a tendency to get distracted or bounce around with tasks. So this timer helps me stay focused for however long I choose. I can set it for 15 minutes to respond to emails or one hour while editing.


Cordless stick vacuums

Honestly, this is one of the best impulse Prime Day purchases I’ve ever made. It is so much easier to vacuum when you aren’t getting caught up in a cord or the thing feels like it’s 15 pounds. It especially makes vacuuming stairs so much easier.

Oh I need this!

Uproot Cleaner

These amazing pet hair removers. I am obsessed with them! You know all that pesky stuck on hair that just doesn’t come out with a vacuum? This has you covered. Plus it is also great at removing pilling from fabric.

Absolutely need!

Oversized lint rollers

…because pet hair. Need I say more?!

How did I not know about these

Dryer Vent Cleaner

This vacuum attachment to clean out your dryer. My sister told me about this thing and it is great for cleaning deep down in that lint trap, because again…pets.

Didn’t even know this was a thing!


It’s supposed to be used for coffee but I don’t drink coffee. I use it to mix up protein shakes rather than dirtying a shaker bottle (but those are perfect for on the go). Hot tip: buy one with a stand!

Grab yours

Lazy Susan Bins

Storage bins are my go to for keeping things organized. So when I was re-organizing my (very small) kitchen, these lazy susan bins were perfect! All of my food storage is in this cabinet, it helps keep everything so organized.

Gotta have these

Bag holders

Let’s get rid of the bag of bags of bags and condense it down a bit with this handy bag holder. I have one in my kitchen in the cabinet under the sink and one in my laundry room!

Fix my bag issue!

Adhesive hat hooks

I was trying to organize my laundry room and my guy just had hats stacked up on a shelf. I found these babies on Amazon and they work great!

My guy needs these

Drawer Organizer

More Ikea organizer because I love these drawer organizers for my dresser. They help keep everything in their place and easy to find.

Oh I need!

I hope these help you make things at home a little easier.

I would love to hear about a must-have for your home! Drop a comment below!

Until next time, xoxo Nicole

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