Things to Consider Before Your Photoshoot

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April 21, 2022

Do you ever take a picture with friends and when you look at them later you think “ugh why didn’t I think about that”? Like that little thing that probably doesn’t matter much, but you notice it every time you look at the photo now?

Seriously the worst! Because you want to like the photo but there’s just that one thing that would make it more likeable and living room wall worthy.

Well, I’m here to help save you from having these thoughts after your next photoshoot. Scroll down for some things to consider before your next photoshoot.

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Consider this:

Wear clothes you’re comfortable in – if you aren’t comfortable or like your outfit you’ll hate the photos. The actual session won’t be enjoyable and all you’ll remember when you look at your photos is how much you hated your outfit choice.

Bring comfortable shoes for walking – you’ll likely have to walk a bit from where you have parked to where you are shooting. If you’re like me, heels are great for pictures but not so great to walk in. Plus, you’ll keep any dirt off of those gorgeous shoes!

Consider what props you may bring – props are great to incorporate into your photoshoot to really show who you are as a family/ couple. Communicate with your photographer of props you plan on bringing.

Hair – consider having your hair done in the week or two before your photoshoot. For the guys, get a haircut, beard trim, and shape up the neckline the week of your photoshoot. For the ladies, touch up those roots and get a nice trim a week or two before. You don’t want to look at your photos and think “ugh my roots are showing” or “ugh my beard looks unkempt”.

Nail polish – it is super subtle, but chipped nail polish stands out, especially in engagement photos where your hands/ring is so important. It is your decision to go polish or not, just make sure it is fresh and unchipped!

Hair ties – you know that saying “I’ll be that girl with hair ties on in my wedding photos?” Personally, I will probably be that person. But, let’s avoid that! Take those hair ties off and leave them in your car.

Smart watches – we all love our smart watches, but when it comes to photos, they can be an eye sore. They could also date your photos when the technology changes in 5-10 years. Your photographer will keep track of the time, while you enjoy being in the moment with your family or significant other.

Pockets – this one is for the guys. Take those phones and wallets out of your pockets. It is such a routine thing to put your belongings in your pockets, but a square outline in your pants pocket will be noticeable.

Lint – lint rollers are my best friend. With a cat and golden retriever at home I have a handful at all times. Lint roll yourselves before leaving your home. I will most likely have one with me. This way, when you look at your images you’ll be focused on you and your family and not the dog hair all over your pants.

Stains – stains are bound to happen, for adults and children alike. I suggest bringing an extra outfit for each person just in case anything happens! You don’t want your toddler to spill chocolate milk all over herself and have to be photographed in chocolate milk covered clothes!

Tan lines – when choosing an outfit consider how your tan lines will show. My senior year, I had a homecoming dress that was strapless. However, I had such stark bathing suit tan lines from lifeguarding that summer that everyone thought my dress had straps! Cover them up where possible. Be cognizant of that Apple watch tan line in the weeks leading up to your photoshoot.

All of these things are stuff you probably wouldn’t have even thought twice about for your photoshoot, that’s what I’m here for! These little details will help take your photos from “oh that’s nice” to “it’s so beautiful”. And you’ll want to hang your images proudly in your home for all of your visitors to see.

Until next time,

xoxo Nicole

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