Top 10 Items to Have in Your Bridal Suite

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December 13, 2023

If your wedding day is quickly approaching, this one’s for you! Today we’re talking about my top recommended items to have in your bridal suite while getting ready on your wedding day.

1. Good lighting!

A well lit bridal suite is important for not only your photographer but also for your hair and makeup team! While most venues have this taken care of, if you are getting ready off-site keep in mind the lighting when deciding on your space.

2. Food and non-alcoholic drinks

You’ll be spending a decent part of the morning/early afternoon getting ready so make sure you have a plan for food and snacks. Keep in mind what time dinner is scheduled and make sure everyone is fed. Some good ideas for food are Chickfila platters, charcuterie spreads, pizza (though not once you’re in your dresses!), sandwiches or wraps. Having alcohol while getting ready is always fun but make sure to have some non-alcoholic options as well. Water and juices will help keep you hydrated.

3. Alcohol

If that’s your vibe, but keep it light! Wine, Champagne, seltzers and beer are perfect for your getting ready suite. It may help quell some nerves while also have you feeling excited and ready to celebrate! I would recommend staying away from hard liquor until after your ceremony. And as always, be careful to not overdo it. Especially in the heat of summer, alcohol can hit you quicker so make sure to pace yourself. Personally, after a few seltzers mid-day I just want to take a nap. So just know your limits!

4. Steamer

You’ll definitely want to bring a portable steamer for in your bridal suite for you and your girl’s dresses to get those final wrinkles out! Your photographer will absolutely thank you later! Hot tip: steam early, with distilled water, so that you aren’t putting on a damp dress!

5. Bluetooth speaker

The vibe of your bridal suite sets the tone for the rest of the day and music always helps get the party started! Have some fun leading up to the big day by creating a playlist with all of your favorite songs. Party in the USA anyone?

6. Medicine

Can you see the mom in me coming out? Items like Tums, Pepto Bismol, and ibuprofen are always good to have just in case! You don’t want to be feeling off on your wedding day just because you need some ibuprofen.

7. Electrolyte powders

LiquidIV or LMNT are both great for helping you stay hydrated while drinking. I highly recommend having these around if you are getting married in the heat of summer. Drinking one of these while getting ready will help keep you feel good and not groggy from the heat. I will always start a wedding day with LiquidIV to make sure I am hydrated and feeling good!

8. Floor length mirror

Depending on where you are getting ready, you may or may not already have one. It’s always nice to have multiple mirrors for you and your girls. The mirror can be helpful for your hair and makeup team as well as while getting in your dress. The moment you see yourself as a bride for the first time is priceless!

9. Clear temporary hooks

These are a real lifesaver if your bridal suite doesn’t already have a place to hang dresses to keep them all wrinkle free. If you want that hanging dress photo I highly recommend these. There was a recent incident floating around social media where dresses were hung from a sprinkler, which went off and caused a lot of damage. So, it’s best to be prepared with temporary hooks.

10. Emergency kit

Consider items like safety pins, bobby pins, hairspray, deodorant, oil absorbing sheets, basic first-aid kit, dress tape, hand sanitizer, lotion, chapstick, breath mints and more. Anything you could potentially need throughout the day, it’s great to have one hand. A great gift for bridesmaids to put together for the bride.

If you’re a couple reading this I’d love to chat with you about your wedding day! Please feel free to reach out. Now booking 2024 and 2025 wedding dates!

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