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February 7, 2023

You’ve probably heard the saying “something borrow, something blue” for your wedding day. But did you know it has a third element? “A six pence in your shoe.”

A six pence is placed in the bride’s left shoe before walking down the aisle. The coin is said to bring the couple good luck, wealth, and a very happy marriage.

The Simensky family has had one for generations! My grandmother, mom and aunt all had the coin with them on their wedding day. When my older sister got married, my grandmother passed down the six pence to her. My cousin then received it the following year for her walk down the aisle.

This is just one example of the many things you can incorporate into your detail photos!

You’ll absolutely want to make sure that this is something your photographer does and makes time to do. When I photograph your wedding day, it will start with these detail photos. While you are finishing hair and makeup, I’ll be playing with all of your pretty things! Personally, I love this part of the wedding day (along with all the others!).

You took time to plan out these small details just as much as the bigger details so they should be captured! I love getting insight into your personalities and hearing stories about your special items.

So what should you include??





Neck tie / bow tie

Pocket square

Cuff links










Other items

Stationary including save the dates and two full invitation suites, extra wax seals

Vows books

Bouquet & boutonniere

Extra flowers and greenery

Family heirlooms or antiques

Your “something borrowed, something blue”

Any other important personal items!

A few extra tips

Clean your ring. Your ring will be photographed close up to show off its sparkle so you want to make sure it is extra sparkly!

Your florist can typically provide cut flowers and greenery for you for a nominal fee. Make sure to ask them a few months before the wedding so they have them on hand.

Let your photographer know of the color scheme you have planned. You could even send them a photo of your detail items. This way they can plan ahead and bring props to complement your items!

Most importantly, put all of these items together in a bag or box. When your photographer arrives, you can easily hand them the box!

What family heirlooms would you include in your detail photos?

Until next time, xoxo Nicole

Stationary suites by Cardsmith Design Studio

Styling Mats by Chasing Stone

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